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Contact Lenses Examination


You shouldn't have to sacrifice fashion and style for good eyesight.  carries different types of contact lenses and designer eyewear to meet your needs.


Our primary goal in providing contact lens care is to minimize the eye health consequences of contact lens usage, for a lifetime of comfort and clear vision.


We offer contact lens fittings, routine lens evaluations including follow up care, as well as contact lens products. Click here for more product information. We specialize in difficult fit cases. We will train you in the proper insertion and removal techniques for your new contact lenses. If you are having problems with your contact lenses, the trained staff at  is here to help.

Primary Examination


Prior to a contact lens examination it is important to have a complete primary vision and eye health examination.  Whether it is glasses, contact lenses, Lasik surgery or cataract surgery, a thorough eye examination is an important first step.  




Contact Lens Examination  

During the subsequent Contact Lens examination there are a multitude of factors to consider.  Factors such as age, occupation, hobbies, eye health, physical health, dexterity, sports, just to mention a few, are all important considerations.

Lens complexity plays an important part of the decision.  The need for bifocals, astigmatism or binocular eye coordination issues need to be considered. 


Special Contact Lens Fitting


We measure the shape and contour of your corneas to assure the proper fit of your contact lenses.   


Trial Period
We provide a trial period to see if contact lenses are really the best solution to your visual needs.  For some of our patients, contact lenses provide the best vision every day, all day.  For others, contact lenses are useful for only specific activities.  All of these considerations are discussed. 


Finally, we discuss a safe wearing schedule and proper lens hygiene, to make wearing your contact lens a successful and pleasant experience.